Build a Stronger Connection with an Integrated Marketing Approach

Boost Your Brand Message with an Integrated Marketing Approach

With consumers constantly being barraged with brand messaging, it’s important to cut through the complex communications clutter. Having an integrated marketing plan will consistently communicate your message to overwhelmed consumers and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

So what is integrated marketing? Some of the definitions of integrated marketing can be as confusing as the name. A simple definition might be, “applying consistent brand communications by connecting traditional media (i.e., print, radio, TV), digital media (i.e., blogs, podcasts, email blasts, all social channels) and offline channels (i.e., public relations, direct mail, advertising).”

Definitions aside, the goal of integrated marketing is to connect all of these disciplines using a strong, unified force of creative experts. Working together, this “force” will deliver a consistent brand message – and successfully connect you with your target audience.

Here are some reasons why integrated marketing is important:

  1. Consistent messaging: it’s key to ensuring customers understand your brand message at all contact points, which will lead to brand recognition and retention, and a better return on your investment. Again, consumers need help navigating through the constant stream of brand communications and having a consistent message will make it easier for them to remember your brand.
  1. Effective and efficient: it goes a long way in creating brand awareness among customers by engaging them at different contact points. For example, a customer may see your print advertising, which motivates him/her to find out more information on your website, which directs him/her to your product information.
  1. Strengthens customer relationships: using an integrated approach to marketing enables you to better connect with your target audience by having multiple points of engagement, making it easier for customers to provide feedback on your product or service. This is key to understanding and responding quickly to your customers’ needs.
  1. Saves time: instead of getting bogged down in choosing one approach that may not give you the results you are looking for, why not try a comprehensive and strategic brand communications approach? This will streamline the decision-making process and make connecting with customers more powerful.

At BrandDirections, we’re all about connecting your brand to your target audience through our integrated marketing approach. You’ve got a great product or service. You just need to get the word out. That’s where we can help. From market research to brand development to brand promotion, we’re with you each step of the way.

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