The Power of Connecting

brand-directions-faviconFellow local marketing agency Weidert Group recently released its “10 Top Marketing Agencies in Northeast Wisconsin” – a list that showcased the talents of agencies in the region. “There are true industry leaders throughout Green Bay, the Fox Cities, Oshkosh, and beyond, and for us in the agency side, there’s a special pride in working with hometown companies,” wrote Weidert’s blog author in announcing the list.

At BrandDirections, we are in complete agreement with this assessment. And we are honored to be selected as Weidert’s “Best in Consumer Packaging” awardee. We’ve been doing consumer packaging design for 60+ years – for companies big and small, for Fortune 500 companies as well as companies whose fortune when they’re starting out may only be $500 – and we believe consumer packaging design is one of our fortes. We appreciate that a peer in the marketing industry recognizes this specialty as well.

But what really enables us to excel as a marketing industry leader is our ability to help businesses meet or exceed their growth objectives through the execution of creative and strategic integrated marketing plans. It’s the power of connecting left-brain analytics and right-brain artistry. We’re connecting thinking with creating.

Our expertise goes beyond consumer packaging design. We are also experts in strategy, research, brand communications, public relations, digital marketing and social media. It’s our ability to combine these disciplines in creative ways while connecting them to strategic goals that enables us to standout as an industry leader.

Connecting digital marketing and public relations to communicate a company’s community outreach initiatives. Designing a start up company’s logo and product packaging to give it the recognition it needs to succeed at both the shelf and in people’s minds. Connecting business goals to creative concepts. Connecting companies with their audiences using messages that resonate. These are the strengths BrandDirections brings to the marketplace.

It’s the power of connecting, and we think that’s a huge differentiator.

We invite you to connect with us.