Introducing packaged FINDINGS

BrandDirections Presents: Packaged Findings

We’re keeping an eye on what’s going on with packaging in the marketplace 

The impact that product packaging has on our daily lives is incredible. From the overall construction to the designs used to portray the product inside, our perceptions of those products and our decisions to purchase them are influenced.

Our BrandDirections team is constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas and innovative approaches to packaging design challenges and needs. From alternative substrates to breakthrough design, we’re looking for it, reading about it and talking about it. Through packaged FINDINGS we’ll share what we think is needle-moving package design, or something that just “stopped us in our tracks” when out looking at the shelves or displays.

We invite you to check here regularly for items that we’ve come across while out and about. Give us your thoughts on what we find, or share something you’ve found that you consider exciting. We hope what we find inspires you, too!