Facebook’s New Emoji, what’s your reaction?

Facebook Reactions

We have all done it at some point – no matter our age, race, gender or industry. We’ve all used an emoji at least once. It’s OK; don’t be ashamed. Emojis are part of our digital age. Like them or not, they are a digital marketing trend that have officially made their way onto the largest social network in the world: Facebook.

Earlier this week, Facebook’s “Like” button received a major overhaul from its normal “thumbs up” with the introduction of Facebook “Reactions”. By a simple hover over the “Like” button, you will be treated to a range of emojis or emotion-based options. Aside from the standard thumbs-up icon, you will also be able to choose from “Love”, “Haha”, “Wow”, “Sad” and “Angry” icons.

From a personal perspective, these new additions are cute and fun, and I enjoy finding out what “Reaction” friends are using on my posts rather than just seeing how many “Likes” I get.

But from a business standpoint, this is a game changer.

We have previously seen many businesses dabble with emoji icons as part of their marketing campaigns (e.g. Dominos emoji order commercial). However, Facebook Reactions will allow companies to analyze the next level of engagement – emotion. This will give companies a deeper insight into what their customers are feeling about their brand. By marrying engagement data with customer emotional reaction data, it will create a significant learning opportunity for companies on what to post next.

I’m very excited to see where Facebook Reactions goes and hope to see more Reactions options down the road. Happy posting!

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