packaged FINDINGS: Saverne Raw Natural Kraut

BrandDirections Presents: Packaged FindingsProduct packaging has an incredible impact on our daily lives. Our perceptions of products and the decisions to purchase them are influenced by everything from the structural design to the graphic design used to communicate a compelling story about the product inside. Having spent over 30 years in the packaging industry, we love finding new and different packaging ideas that break the mold. Every other week we’ll be examining packaging that catches our eye and sharing our insights with you.

This week’s packaged FINDINGS: Saverne Raw Natural Kraut

As I was walking the grocery store with my family the other day, I was, of course, on the look out for new products or unique packaging. In the deli meat/dairy section of the store, I came across some pouches in the end cap cooler that caught my eye. What attracted me? First, it was the mystery of what was in that end bin. Second, the simple contrast of flavor band colors against the overall pouch background drove me to look closer. Third, I realized those pouches contained some pretty unique flavors of KRAUT!

Now, with a last name like mine you could assume that I am a kraut connoisseur; however, I am not. Nonetheless, I was intrigued to learn more about these pouch-packed krauts and the company behind the product – Saverne. I paid a visit to their website and learned they have been in business since 1900. They are a family owned company that originated in Wisconsin and decided to become the leader in the sauerkraut market.

savernekraut-longI found the package for the Saverne Raw Natural Kraut interesting for a variety of reasons. The general design is simple and contemporary with a throwback to the product’s heritage. The sans serif text is clean and easy to read and the minimal use of graphics allows the product to truly shine and show through the window. The black and white photo of the original owners of the business captures the essence of heritage and family. The flavor band is straightforward and is repeated at the top of the package where they showcase the functionality of the pouch. This against the black background helps the flavor bands of color pop, especially in the dark end cooler bunker. The kraut comes in a vented pack that lets the natural fermentation of the kraut occur; the valve allows for the natural by-products to escape while keeping the contents inside fresh and sealed against outside contaminants. Overall the package is an innovative and a fun approach to a product with roots from long ago.

All things considered, although I love the clean design of the package, I am hesitant to try the sriracha-flavored kraut. However next time I need to whip up a Rueben, I will be sure to try out a tamer flavor of the Saverne Raw Natural Krauts.

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