4 Reasons You Should Consider Holiday or Seasonal Packaging

Posted on May 19, 2016 by

shutterstock_342827693In my last blog, I discussed the “when and how” to plan for your holiday or seasonal packaging. However, it is most important to ask yourself, why is it worth considering?

1. Increases consumer spending. Regardless of economic conditions, we love to celebrate, and we have a penchant for turning almost any occasion into a celebration – religious holidays, football season, Halloween, or any one of our national holidays. Generally speaking, people tend to not only spend more but also spend more impulsively around these events. Statistics have demonstrated there is an opportunity for increased sales as a result of well-coordinated packaging and marketing programs framed around events that stimulate those impulse-shopping behaviors, as most consumers understand it has limited availability.

2. Creates product trial opportunity. If your seasonal packaging is engaging and catches consumer attention, it can stimulate purchase therefore increasing the potential for consumers to experience your product. Seasonal packaging can provide marketers the opportunity to turn one time buyers into brand loyal customers and can lead to purchase of other products within your product lines, introduce new products, flavors or features as well as to showcase existing products.

3. Advances brand loyalty. Well–executed packaging provides the opportunity to retell and expand upon your brand story by associating your brand with the happy memories that consumers hold dear about the holidays. It is critical that your seasonal or holiday packaging align with your brand image and message – it should always enhance your brand in the mind of the consumer, and should differentiate your package in the highly competitive holiday environment.

4. Taps into consumer emotions. The arrival of new seasons and holiday celebrations all tend to evoke happiness in consumers, and packaging that relates to or reaffirms these emotions promotes the impulse to buy and share those feelings outwardly. Seasonal packaging contributes to a feel good effect and helps consumers “see” alternative options to using a seasonal product or package, whether they are brand loyal or a new customer. Seasonal packaging also encourages consumers to indulge in personal preference – something they can connect with that is affordable and convenient while also allowing them the opportunity to buy for the pleasure of others without the huge expense.

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