Effective Packaging for a “Season of Holidays”

Posted on May 26, 2016 by


Memorial Day is just about here and as we celebrate one of our major national holidays, we also celebrate the gateway to summer. I have been talking recently about the “hows”, “whys” and timing of holiday or seasonal packaging, and as I was shopping for the first of several weekend celebrations, I found the store full of fun, holiday-themed packaging. But it was the cute and iconic M&M’S® boys (plain and peanut) on a red, white and blue package that really caught my eye.

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This is effective seasonal packaging for a number of reasons:

  1. Brand simplicity. Playing off of the patriotic focus of Memorial Day, the design has taken the principle elements of the M&M’s brand and packaging and modified the background to create a distinctive package. You know immediately that this is special, and at the same time they remain the trusted M&M’s you have eaten since you were a child.
  2. Strong cues. The large plain and peanut characters in their natty hat and bow tie are there clearly to communicate two product styles. This is reinforced with an additional style communication directly above the M&M’s logo. The differentiation between the product styles carries through from conventional packaging, retaining the dark brown background color of the plain M&M’s and the bright yellow on the peanut version.
  3. Versatility. The design has application for the Memorial Day celebration that also extends to the 4th of July and Labor Day celebrations. Together with the 42-ounce package size and resealable package construction, you can easily stock up with one purchase. This makes it very appealing to consumers like myself.
  4. Benefit-focused back panels. The back panel is arranged to provide holiday cookie recipe ideas. This is a fun way to offer an additional use recommendation to consumers. After all who wouldn’t want to see festive cookies and baked goods at their parties and events.

This is a great example of capitalizing on a “season of holidays” to create packaging that can differentiate and generate refreshed product interest. Everything about the package remains true to the M&M’s brand, and yet provides a fun, creative and engaging way to seasonally connect with their consumers and reinforce brand loyalty. It also stimulates an impulse buy, tapping into the mood of the summer holiday season, and provides consumers ideas to do more with the product than put it in a candy dish.

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