Packaged Findings: I Say “Yes” to Oui™ Packaging

Posted on Aug 24, 2017 by

Over the past decade, the yogurt category has undergone notable expansion, offering both sweet and savory flavors and adding a number of innovative product formulations to the market. I was just getting used to yogurt in a squeeze tube and finally embraced the versatility of Greek yogurt when I noticed a new product on shelf. In the midst of the Greek-style yogurt wars, Yoplait® introduced a French-style yogurt under the name of “Oui™” or “yes”, making a notable change up in the category.

As a consumer, when you see a product with packaging that is noticeably different from conventional formats you immediately start asking questions – for example, what makes this different? Is it something special? What is it made from? Here is packaging based on simplicity and minimalism to generate impact. Of all yogurt packaging, Oui is the only packaging where you clearly see the product through a glass container, and it immediately begins to communicate with you and generate your curiosity. This is exactly what effective packaging is supposed to achieve.

I am by no means a yogurt connoisseur, but I assume this product is a stepped up offering in the category and I hope, a return to Yoplait’s French roots. Yoplait products have become a major contributor to the proliferation of over processed yogurt products and packaging, so this is a curious step away. From what I can determine, the inspiration for this yogurt packaging directly reflects the traditional “French-style” yogurt preparation, which is cultured in small, individual containers – a very definite alternative to mass produced, over packaged offerings. While I wonder how individual culturization can occur on a mass product scale, the packaging certainly does recall products you might find in specialty or artisanal markets.

I like this packaging. It appeals to my perceived sense of quality and authenticity. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. I cannot discover how this product is formulated, why it is different from Greek-style yogurt or other cultured foods, and most importantly, what benefit it offers to the consumer. While I appreciate the minimalism of the labeling, the content/nutrition copy is difficult to read. The foil lid interior or exterior might better serve as areas to provide missing details to fill the information gap while not compromising the overall design concept.

At the end of the day, you want your product in the consumer’s cart. I couldn’t help but reach for Oui, and to me, that is what makes this package effective. As is generally the case in the contemporary grocery environment, product categories have become so visually fractured with multiple products and variations, it is increasingly difficult for consumers to distinguish between options and make discriminating choices. The overwhelming clutter encourages a “grab and run” approach as opposed to a “linger and look” approach to shopping.

This package is a quiet, calm space in the clutter, and the design team did well to exercise design restraint in their creative approach. Look out Greek yogurt, French is coming!

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