Packaged FINDINGS: VerMints® Are Small But Have Powerful Impact on Shelf

Posted on Sep 6, 2017 by

It’s the end of the week and time to do the grocery shopping. Inside the store, colors blur together and shelves of product iterations close in on you to the degree you stop “seeing”, making it harder – not easier – to find the products you seek. It makes me (more than ever) mindful of the increased importance of creating packaging that is easily seen and actively encourages the consumer to engage with it on shelf.

As I was coming around the end of an aisle, four small little packages really grabbed my attention. It may have helped that they were fortunate enough to be positioned exactly at my eye level but there they were: VerMints®. I was immediately intrigued. Was this a tongue-in-cheek play on the word varmint? I couldn’t figure out why anyone would refer to a product in the context of a troublesome critter, but because it was colorful and diverting, I picked up a package just to check it out and satisfy my curiosity.

Displayed in prepackaged individual flavors, the brand’s design system was simple, well organized and flowed easily and logically from top to bottom, capturing and drawing the eye into and through the package focusing on four primary elements – brand, visual icon, organic communication, and flavor variant. Each flavor variant was tied into a color scheme and a simplified, complementary pictorial element contained within the bullseye – a snow scene for wintergreen, a tree for cinnamon, and so on.

The organic message was delivered via both the recognizable USDA organic icon and an organic mints icon that uniformly defined the product on every package. All other critical copy was located on the back panels; however, because of size limitations, the back panels were legible, but a little difficult to read, containing all mandatory copy as well as icons denoting the products as organic, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, nut free and kosher. I had no questions. How could you go wrong?

In spite of my overall attraction to the packaging, I still did not quite grasp the meaning of the name, VerMints, until curiosity got the better of me and I checked out their website, where I discovered the name referenced the Latin “Ver” meaning True. I would never have extracted that from the brand name without help, and it was unfortunate it took more work than necessary to discover this. But, in the end, this was not a hindrance. Because the packaging was intriguing and inspired my investigative effort, I realized that through the process the name and straightforward design format of the packaging was a reflection of the origin of the product.

I will always gravitate to better-designed packaging options like VerMints because I appreciate the thought, creativity, and discipline that goes into a design created to do more with less, and still deliver maximum shelf impact. I hope to see more flavors on store shelves soon.

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