3 More Tips for Composing Mouth-watering Food Photos – #3

Posted on Jan 24, 2018 by

As I said in my previous blog articles, taking great photographs of food is a unique skill set. A talented team comprised of photographers, food technicians, and food stylists all help contribute to the final mouth-watering image. As an art director working with these professionals, it’s important for you to understand what it takes to compose a successful image that complements your design vision. Here are a few additional tips that will help you with your shot.


  1. FRESH INGREDIENTS A MUST: If the skin looks scarred, wrinkled or damaged take it out and get a new one. This might seem obvious but sometimes it’s easy to miss when you’re focusing on so many things in a shoot. Have the photographer zoom in really close so even the tiniest flaws will show up. Check them over closely and don’t be afraid to ask the food stylist to switch it out.
  2. LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING: Backlight is key to texture and making your food look appetizing. This will also allow any steam or smoke (if you have any) to show up in the image when lit from behind. Work with your photographer to get a crisp and fresh shot and not one that just seems flat and unappealing.
  3. KEEP IT CLEAN: This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. The plates, bowls and props holding the food must be absolutely 100% clean and flawless (unless your intention is a sloppy, carefree look). When you shoot a close up like the bowls of soup shown below, any imperfections will show up and it will look like the dish is messy or incomplete. The bowl of soup on the left shows the not-so-clean version while the one on the right is ready for the runway. Save yourself some Photoshop time and ask the food stylists to clean, wipe and remove any imperfections in your dish before you do your final shot.

The takeaway? Using these additional tips will help you to continue producing some mouth-watering food photos. Remember, if your mouth doesn’t water when editing your photos, you did something wrong.

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