Packaged FINDINGS: Pizza Gets Real at the Shelf

Posted on Feb 1, 2018 by

Regardless of the major trends impacting contemporary commerce, there are legitimate reasons why people continue to shop in stores – which leaves packaging remaining as one of the most important tools marketing has in its arsenal to engage with the consumer.

This was clearly the case as I traversed through the pizza freezer case aisle in order to get to the freshly baked bread. As I pushed my cart and thought about the grocery list I had in my head, the corner of my eye caught a new package that literally jumped out of the pizza case – Real’Za All Natural Pizza. The product presence among the other pizzas was undeniable. Bold, clear and direct, the package stood out head and shoulders above the competition, including the other boxed products.

Available in eight different styles, the carton graphics are built on a strong black central core that contains brand and product specific information, with each carton using bright, strong accent colors to further identify and differentiate product and preparation information for consumer ease of use.

The secondary color bands are reinforced by the addition of flavor/style flags that are positioned directly adjacent to the product visual, which is a well photographed and visually appealing slice of the baked and ready to serve pizza – the promise to the consumer of what lies ahead. Set up on shelf as a group of products, the packaging completely dominates the shelf and yet is individually strong enough to stand out as individual products. The result is one of those rare circumstances where the 5 in 5 rule need not apply because you don’t need 5 seconds to understand what this product is – it literally has an instant connection.

To me, everything about this package works well. The two dominant elements are the branding and the product visual. The copy is focused directly on key product benefits, prep instructions and required weight/legal statements, written to be understandable and large enough to be legible. I don’t know what the pizza looks like once you open the box, nor do I know what it tastes like, but from a packaging standpoint, without a doubt this package won the battle for differentiation, which in this case was made more difficult by the challenge of having to live in a freezer case. This package works because once you see it, you forget to see all the other products surrounding it – and that’s packaging doing its job well.

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