Packaged FINDINGS: Sheila G’s Stands Out in Tough Category

Posted on Jun 7, 2018 by

Snacks are widely contrasting products in a loosely organized category. The packaging has to balance consumer convenience against size and structural limitations and yet stand up to significant competition for consumer awareness while simultaneously creating strong brand preference.

Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle packaging achieves this very well. It uses a simple footed, resealable foil pouch, which also provides a substantial display panel and creates a product line that literally glows across a strong color palette, highlighting the variety of flavors. In our local store, being given a top-shelf placement – a typically difficult shelf to see and reach the package outshines the competition in terms of creating awareness. Spot varnishes highlight the product visual, which is grounded bottom center of the principle display panel. Each package has a unique individual background pattern that fades into the face panel background, drawing the eye back to the front and center of the package that further distinguishes the flavor variables.

Central to each package is copy common to each product variation – Brownie Brittle. The logo becomes a supporting element. For new brands, where consumers may not yet have a strong brand recall and haven’t “learned” the graphic design cues that allow them to shop without necessarily “reading”, you have a complete communication system in three items – Brownie, Brittle and product visual. A small flavor variation flag separates the copy and the image, but the package color already ties into preconceived color cues. Green equals minty, gold equals toffee, brown equals chocolate – simple, direct and easy to engage with.

Again, comparatively speaking, put in the “snack” cookie segment of our local store, competitive brands don’t even have a chance, as the eye can’t help but be drawn to this package. If I had any criticism, it would be that like most flexible packaging, in spite of attempts to reduce glare from overhead store lighting, it did affect the product visual because of its glossy varnish surface. The foils work effectively enough on the package, but it might be good to consider looking at flooding the entire package with a matte varnish to tone down the glare.

In any case, this package is very pleasing to look at and is a great example of being efficient, effective and engaging. It makes me wish they had more products to offer.


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