Packaged FINDINGS: New Snack Has “Eggs-cellent” Shelf Appeal

Posted on Nov 1, 2018 by

Snacking is chic, and companies are burning the midnight oil working to innovate new healthier approaches to snack consumption– providing food companies the opportunity to connect with consumers across categories. Consumers are moving away from sweets and candy as “on the go snacks”, and in some cases view snacks as meal replacements. As companies develop healthier snacks, they are also responding to consumer demand for clean products and transparent packaging, reflecting their concerns on food sourcing and production.

New to our local stores is Ready Egg go! – a protein-based snack consisting of a hard-boiled egg and a variety of assorted cheese and nut combinations. What caught my eye was the unique shape of the package, and the well-engineered but extremely simple way the package shape was stabilized in order to keep it upright and outward facing on the shelf. Having only one principal display panel, the package virtually guarantees there is no other feasible way to display the product. The “clear” secondary benefit of the package design is its transparency; the interior products are clearly visible, leaving no question as to what the content mix is.

What I appreciate most about the packaging is the ingenious engineering that requires so little to deliver so much – not only structurally, but graphically as well. The tray the product rests in obviously accommodates the dimensionality of the egg while cleanly separating the remaining product – well designed for its purpose. The solution to keeping it upright was a simple triangular shaped pedestal on which the UPC, nutrition and content information resides – clear and legible to consumers.

The display panel shares a uniform design grid, using color to unite and separate flavor variations. The panel has also been effectively pared down to the minimum possible content and is presented in an impactful manner that is hard to ignore. The product is clearly presented in a visually appealing way. The net content and descriptive product copy support the visuals so there is no lack of clarity as to what you are purchasing.

Where I would investigate alternatives is in the brand name; to have the same level of creative clarity the structural packaging demonstrates. This is important because a brand identity is the sum total of the perception your product/packaging “owns” in the minds of your consumer. In this case, I found myself a bit confused by the Crystal Farms company logo and name, READY EGG go! with a rather odd assembly of typography, and wondered, which was specifically the brand name? The creative problem solving of the structural package was done so well, and comparatively, in my viewpoint, this appeared to be a shortfall.

All that said, I hope consumers are responding to the packaging – it is a great idea.

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