Packaged FINDINGS: LEMONKIND is rare find in effective content presentation

Posted on May 16, 2019 by

At work, we regularly share examples of packaging we come across in our “not at work” lives that appeals to us for some reason or another. Recently a colleague brought in packaging for the LEMONKIND® 1-Day Super Detox Me® Cleanse kit – which we all agreed was an above average representation of an effective packaging solution.

The stage was set for this product with the shipping container it arrived in. In this experience, the product was ordered from an online source. Normally, this source ships products in a wide variety of protective formats, which are dropped into outer cartons that are typically oversized, allowing products to knock around during shipping. However, upon opening this shipping container, a secondary corrugated box complete with the LEMONKIND brand and messaging (and further protecting the interior product) set the stage for the unveiling of the brand experience.

The final product package blends a poly handled, die-cut locking tray style carton with eight individual footed juice packs on the interior. Although the carton has complex folds and multiple die cuts and needs to securely hold the weight of the interior pouches, the structure is stabilized through the use of a litho-laminated micro-flute corrugate – stronger than a standard tag-style carton. Not only is the exterior designed to be structurally effective and visually striking, but the interior packaging could also easily stand alone as individual products. Built on a design grid using appropriate elements from the carton, the pouch design reflects the essence of the kit concept – clean, direct, and minimal.

The rationale behind a cleanse or detox is to flush the body through a regulated program of high fiber, nutrient-rich juices and foods to create a “clean slate”. Often done through spas or medically supervised clinics, a cleanse can be a complex program but LEMONKIND assembled a simple 1-day cleanse program packaged in an all-in-one kit with the process revolving around eight beverages consumed in a defined sequence throughout the day. The graphics on the carton echo the health benefits of a cleanse, featuring ingredients used in the drinks as a large, super graphics background design.

The outer carton die-cuts reveal the interior packaging and are targeted to isolate the pouch feature visual, the product form copy, and the non-GMO statement. The ultimate effect works to tie the pouches and the carton into a single unit. The use of bold sans serif typography (instead of defaulting to an elaborate serif font or script)  with noticeable attention to leading and kerning results in messaging that is highly legible – especially on the back panel where the nutrition facts for all flavors reverse out of a black background. The overall design is saturated with content, yet organized and arranged in a well-ordered, logical sequence, guiding the eye naturally through it all. Rarely do you find a package with this level of content iconography, presented in such a way that a consumer can actually intake it all.

If I can make any criticism of the packaging, I suggest a stronger brand alignment with the design system between the shipping, interior, and exterior package elements. Each element in its own way communicates the manufacturer’s commitment to a quality product and sustainable packaging but it might be better to see the exterior carton as uncluttered as the interior pouches with unified messaging. There is something about the individual clean white packages that is exciting and calming but in balance – it bespeaks, “clean”. A repetition of the interior design grid on the outer carton would make the kit seem more like a consistently branded product family. As it is, the exterior carton has a comparatively dull look, trending back to the shipping carton through the use of the simulated tan paper background, and compounded by the heaviness of black areas supporting feature copy and product use information. The package would have a greater impact with white copy contrasting the black color field. 

Nonetheless, this is a solid demonstration of the importance of a well thought out, comprehensive approach to content presentation – and the integration of structural and graphic design, the use of sustainable materials, and most importantly product interaction with the consumer.

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