PackagedFINDINGS: Tea Forté Brews Great Consumer Experience

Posted on Jun 12, 2019 by

So many times people think of food packaging within the context of products sold in convenience and grocery stores, but gift packaging of food is an exciting realm, where much greater emphasis is applied to the decorative impact of food packaging, and which typically involves a greater number of customized component pieces. The key difference is that while retail food packaging is always looking for ways to enhance the lifestyles of consumers through efficiency of use and convenience, gift food packaging is more about indulgence, pampering, and creating unique applications of structure, surface treatments, and color that would not be affordable for everyday use.

One of the best times to deploy the use of promotional packaging is during the holidays – when structure and graphic design need to respond to increased competitive pressure for consumer engagement, and when the idea of a ready-made gift reduces the pressure of gift giving. The use of modified internal or special and limited edition “gift-ready” packaging often serves to reinforce the concept of value to the consumer.


A recent gift of the Tea Forté™ tea sampler is a great representation of gift-ready promotional packaging for their line of assorted teas. The structure of the carton is created from nesting two units together, resulting in above average strength and stability in the finished piece. The smaller unit houses twenty-eight sample pouches of single serve tea for making the perfect cup. This is correlated to the interior front panel of the carton, which identifies the tea style and flavor profile. In the lower, removable portion of the carton is a series of die-cut slots to uniformly stack the product in the display.

The carton is efficiently designed to deliver a wide variety of product in the neatest form possible yet still convey a sense of elegance and calm. If you haven’t been a customer of Tea Forté, this is a smart way to set the tone for your first experience. The individual pouches of sample teas are beautifully labeled in a very realistic style with high-quality images relating to the type of tea it contains, accented with an elaborate, almost Victorian “label” nested within the content image. Ranging from herbal to regular tea, the container presents a virtual garden of flavors to choose from.

The entire concept is so well organized and executed you almost hate to use it, but it clearly demonstrates what a well-coordinated packaging concept can do to present product favorably, creating an atmosphere in which positive consumer opinion is formed. Whether you are preparing packaging for a gift pack, promotional program or for standard packaging, take the time to consider the experience the consumer will have when they are first exposed to your product. In this case, everything about the graphic design is simple and elegant, yet tells a big story clearly and effectively – it just takes being brave enough to challenge conventional thinking and explore the “what ifs“ about the message you want your package to convey.

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