Packaged FINDINGS: Why “Oh Snap!” Gets First Pick on Shelf

Posted on Jul 3, 2019 by

I don’t make it a habit to shop at convenience stores, simply because I am usually there to only buy gas. I don’t have to go in – I just drive up, use my card and voila, I am on my way. However, when we migrate to our vacation home in the far northern part of the state, we have one or two key stores where we stop, stretch our legs, and walk the dog. This past weekend, we stopped at one of these haunts, and as I was looking for a diet Coke, the number of new and unique products and packaging intrigued me.

One such package was the Oh Snap!® pickles and pickle bites and their line of pickled snack bites. This was the greatest little thing since the snack pack size treat but instead of the more common chip or bread-based snack, this was pickled vegetables (which was interesting in itself). However, it was the package that caught my eye.

First of all, it is a flexible package that is effective in allowing the package to stand upright or hang from a j-hook. In either case, the weight and bulk of the interior product give the footed feature of the bag a legitimate chance to present package design without collapsing into chaos. Second, the package is contoured so that it is easily held in any sized hand, and in spite of the contour, the package still retains its ability to stand upright.

Then there is the design. The heavy solid black is a bold move in a food category but it works because it is the perfect accent and contrast to the bright colors used in the design – colors that are keyed to the kind of food the package contains – bright lime green for dill pickles, bright green for garden vegetables, and bright red for the jalapenos. The vivid background colors feature close-up photography of the food inside the pouch. The images are clean, sharp, and share the crisp nature of the content. 

The branding is consistent across all packages, and while a funky kind of casual font, it reverses out of the black background in a very impactful way. The same font is used in the product style copy below the product visual, and in this case, replicates the bright color of the background. While there is a fair amount of copy on the face panel, the package does not feel crowded at all, and in spite of being small, all the copy is highly legible.

The back panels are equally effective with a solid black format, capped with a code color band and code color copy cued to the face panel of the package. Four icons provide visual cues as to what demand this product satisfies. Although they have accompanying copy, it is not necessary.

If I could change anything, it would be to describe how a pickled product is packaged with no brine. A larger piece of front panel graphics has the statement “No Brine Added”. Although this is referred to on the back panel, it does so addressing the less mess aspect of the product and package and refers to the convenience. I just can’t resolve how a pickled product can be crisp without brine. I will have to taste a sample to discover.

So much of this package works very, very well. The nutrition copy is large enough to read, the expiration or Best Used By copy is readily legible, the printing is crisp and clean, and the product images are enticing. This is such a simple little package that really packs a punch on shelf. There is nothing else to compare or compete against this product, which makes it stand out even more. This is the type of packaging where flexible packaging shines by offering a creative and unique way to deliver single serving products that are convenient for everyone to use.

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The purpose of our “findings” blog is to spotlight packaging that displays thinking that breaks the mold, delivers something new or chancy – or at the very least, highlights packaging that catches your eye in the retail environment.