Packaged FINDINGS: BellaBondonza hits the bullseye on shelf

Posted on Sep 12, 2019 by

Summer is over and warm vacation days are consigned to albums of memories. We are all back at work, which for me signals a return to stores in search of new examples of effective packaging. While I was hoping that with fresh eyes I would find a variety of new packaging, I found only a few examples that genuinely stood out, one of which was BellaBondonza™ organic pasta products.

In a rapidly expanding category, competition is vigorous for consumer attention, and a package design system that draws consumer attention to your product quickly and effectively is important. Based on what is appearing on shelf, it seems white has become the flagship color for organic, “clean” or healthful products – logical, as white is representative of purity and cleanliness. While white can be effective, it is important to balance color and design elements so it does not overwhelm and diminish the impact of the package or brand.

In the case of alternative pasta as a “category”, the BellaBondonza package balances the white background with the use of strong contrasting colors at the top and center – creating a consistent and predictable visual grid, grounded by a bulls-eye of color in the center of the package. The organization of these elements leads you vertically down through the package culminating with a clear window to the product itself and trains the eye to track to key message points and product features. This system can also be leveraged to smaller, irregular or carton packaging without sacrificing brand integrity.

In spite of being (in this instance) on the top shelf in a very crowded store, and me not being tall enough for my eye to track comfortably, the design system remained visible, interesting and clear when viewed from below. The excessively ornate typography for the logotype is difficult to read; however, in spite of that, the logo still holds the eye at the top of the package and leads you downward.

As effective as the face panel grid is, the back panel represents the way back panels should be presented. The copy is economical and straight forward, and in all cases, large enough to be legible even to eyes that normally require glasses. The content is centered on preparation instruction, product composition, and Nutrition Facts data. The only weakness of the back panel (if there is one) is that it lacks the impact of color as seen on the face panel. If the package were to be placed back panel facing out (as sometimes occurs on messy store shelves), you would have no way of recognizing this as a BellaBondonza product.

For the number of new products in this category, there is an abundance of unremarkable packaging on shelf. This package, however, clearly stands out in relation to competitive products by focusing on presenting information to consumers in a way they can quickly and easily digest it (no pun intended).

All other marketing activities aside, packaging remains the most tangible representation of your brand, providing the opportunity for consumers to physically engage with the package as they make their purchase decision within an extremely short (10 – 15 seconds) timeframe.


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