Packaged FINDINGS: No Bones About It – Buck Bone is a Win!

Posted on Feb 5, 2020 by

Increasingly packaged goods brands are working to build brand relationships through a variety of channels, becoming more than an exclusively in-store consumer experience. It is true that as of now, the majority of consumers still purchase goods through physical stores as their primary choice as compared to online purchases but that ratio is constantly changing with increasing channels of distribution. Regardless of on shelf or online, the important thing is that consumers believe your brand delivers the quality, value, and price that align with their expectations.

The increasing number of marketing channels naturally increases the demand to bring consistency and continuity to your branding channels and packaging – as well as a deep-seated understanding of the common and unique marketing demands of each channel you are operating in. Buck Bone® Organics is a great example of deploying a level of control and continuity in communicating to and engaging with consumers – of owning your brand and its story across all mediums.

A simple but visually descriptive two-color brand against a clean white background provides uniform presence and impact from SKU to SKU as it leads the principal product messaging. A direct two-color palette supports the message hierarchy and identifies the product as organic. A large transparent window wisely exposes package content, immediately drawing in the consumer while informing on the size and style of the product.

There are no hidden surprises to be revealed once a package is opened – the design meets the criteria of communicating value and quality – standing out and apart from competitive pet products. The “clean” focus of the face panel continues onto the back of the package echoing the same grid as the front, providing detailed information on nutritional content and product use. Continuing the transparent window on the back panel provides a complete 360-degree view of the package content.

From my viewpoint, it is about time a manufacturer takes “possession” of the shipping carton their products are being transported in. On shelf or online, a consumer’s first impression always matters in establishing a meaningful connection. Outside of a retail environment, when the first encounter with a product is the corrugated carton it is shipped in, visual impact matters. Ask yourself – why should the consumer’s first impression be limited to the branding of the party shipping the product? Shouldn’t the shipping carton reflect the manufacturer’s branding? Consumers respond as quickly and positively to a shipping carton as they do to a product on shelf, so it should not be overlooked as an effective communication tool.

Buck Bone, continued the design and branding from individual product packaging to the corrugated shipping carton, setting the stage for a positive consumer experience after opening the package. The few cents per carton it may cost to utilize shipping cartons with your branding sets you far apart from the competition, reinforcing the value and quality messaging communicated with packaging. In short, your product and shipments become part of an integrated system.

Printed cartons are not a solution required for all packaged goods but it certainly should be on your creative radar when developing branding, packaging, and shipping systems or when examining how marketing channels may impact your package and product journey. Great job, Buck Bone!


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