Packaged FINDINGS: Stacy’s Stands Out – and Up for a Cause

Posted on Feb 20, 2020 by

OK, I am a brand loyalist tried and true so normally I would automatically reach for Stacy’s Pita Chips. However, when I saw their new Rise Project packaging I could barely contain my excitement. I was surprised by what the change in their graphic design did to inform me about the company and its mission. My relationship was purely a product preference; I did not know Stacy’s was a female-founded business or that it was committed to supporting women entrepreneurs in their business development ventures. They started the Rise Project to help women grow their food and beverage ventures, through funding and mentorship. Amazingly, the company has invested over 300K to support the effort.

My local store features packaging with three graphic designs (there are a total of six face panels, each highlighting an artistic interpretation of women in their business journey) using art to represent inspiration, grit, and success. A different artist executes each individual and unique illustration but all use vivid bold colors and shapes. The illustrations begin loose and stylistic, representing what ideas feel like – for example, a ladder that represents the constant “wondering if you ever will get to the top” and the glow you find (and feel) if you are successful. Building, sustaining, and growing business is never easy, and it is filled with obstacles and hurdles to overcome all along the way. The illustrations demonstrate the triumph of hatching a business plan, sticking with it, and working long and hard to succeed – yet being fun, light, playful, and inspiring.

The face panel is focused totally on this imagery (which is supported by a detailed story on the back panel) and the required content and branding elements. The graphic design lacks specific product imagery and flavoring specifics to inform consumers on the contents of each package – I assume because if you are a brand loyalist, you already know and trust what their pita chips look and taste like. However, in this case, the brand message is not so much about the product aspect of the company but the company’s mission and goals – its altruistic purpose beyond just sales volume.

These designs would pop off of any shelf or out of any monitor – but for additional in-store impact, the packaging is set up in a freestanding display, where the graphic designs stand out, achieving significant visual impact. Based on a secondary graphic design as simple as the packaging art, the display announces how a consumer’s purchase supports the Rise Project goals. All in all, this is a well-coordinated, well-composed, and controlled presentation of Stacy’s core brand message and an excellent way to build brand affinity. Perhaps because I am also a business owner, this package design concept is particularly effective; I can empathize with how hard women have to work to achieve business success and how important this kind of support can be. Congratulations to the Stacy’s team! Well done and keep the Rise Project moving forward.

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