Packaged FINDINGS: Hellmann’s sauces spice things up on shelf

Posted on Sep 23, 2020 by

Every now and again, as new products come to market and make their appearance on shelf, I happen across something delightful. I found these sauce products from Hellmann’s in proximity to barbecue sauces and condiments, and I was genuinely impressed with how effectively these smaller bottles commanded attention in a very compressed and crowded shelf set. Smaller than a ketchup squeeze bottle, they stood visually front and center apart from the competitors, and it was not hard to see why. The visual design system was basic but clean and unobstructed.

The design grid is broken into three principal elements – brand, product type, and visual reference, keeping with the visual design system on most of the Hellmann’s products. Hellman’s, the parent of this product relies on its iconic brand logo to ground all four packages and lead communication – and wisely so. When you have a trusted brand name, keeping the brand set up consistently across all product lines immediately transfers and reassures the consumer regarding product value and quality.

A simple color field with clean, bold sans serif type immediately informs the consumer on the content and flavor of the product, reinforced with colorful visual cues surrounding the color block referencing the sauces flavor combinations. From a consumer perspective, it was not only simple to grasp the concept of this product, but it also did a great job of creating the impulse to try it, which is what a good package design does.

The package structure is simple – nothing particularly innovative but it is the right package size for the job. The bottles are small enough that consumers are not asked to invest in huge amounts of product that they may not like once they try them, nor do they take up excess shelf space in the already crowded “condiment” shelf in your fridge. I was impressed with the “how to use” icons featuring the 3D’s – dip, drizzle, and dress, making it easy to quickly understand the multiple uses of the product.

But alas, nothing is perfect. The required nutrition facts and content copy are almost illegible. There is a critical difference in meeting industry requirements for this essential copy and putting essential copy on a package that is useful to the consumer. The point size meets the letter of the law for sizing, but the font has been so compressed, characters blend together in a blur. The “sell” copy on the back panel is likewise as small, making quick and easy understanding extremely difficult. Of course, if none of this copy is important to you, nothing lost. However, especially in this day and age, most consumers want to know what is in their products, and details matter.

This is an exciting and intriguing little product as it joins the expanding Hellmann’s family of products. Look for it on shelf, you won’t miss it!


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