New Year, New Opportunities for Good Works

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As we begin the new year, what better time is there to assess where you are and where you are going with business, and where you fit in the community? The past year has been filled with so much turmoil it has been easy to get lost in collective isolation as we all fight to remain operational. As we roll out objectives for the coming year, I would like to remind everyone of the importance of having a component of pro bono work as a part of your brand and marketing plans. Why? There are so many organizations that do so much to balance and improve the caliber of life within our communities struggling for their very existence. Help is always needed.

The term, pro bono stems from the Latin phrase meaning “public good.”  By making a commitment to pro bono work, it offers the opportunity to help non-profit organizations deliver services that may or may not be accessible or affordable. Partnering with organizations, whether it’s through providing services and/or products, helps them to expand their outreach. This increases access to needed and valuable services, which helps organizations advance their missions.  In short, you are “helping others help others.”

Additionally, there is a benefit other than merely providing assistance to these organizations. Pro bono partnerships provide the opportunity for employees to stretch themselves by taking on additional and invaluable skill development outside of their daily norms – and the bonus is it makes people feel good knowing they did something positive to help.

But this doesn’t mean pro bono work is all peaches and cream. You have to be sure you have the time to commit to the projects you undertake, and that your team shares a commitment of knowledge and purpose in that support.  You have to manage budgets and time as if these were paying clients, and the accuracy and quality of your work must not be sacrificed because of reduced budgets.

Throughout our 65 years, we have remained committed even in the bleakest times to supporting our community through annual pro bono partnerships. From providing branding to logo design to marketing and PR support, we’ve worked with organizations that include crisis abuse centers, animal shelters, youth organizations, and many other vital organizations that improve our quality of life.

Our most recent pro bono partner was the Fox Cities Victim Crisis Response Team (FCVCRT), an organization that assists local law enforcement agencies in providing on-scene support for community members and their families that have witnessed or experienced traumatic crises.  FCVCRT first came to BrandDirections seeking help to develop volunteer recruitment materials including a new brochure and a floor banner for community outreach events. But shortly after meeting with them, we discovered that they also needed an updated victim/survivor support brochure, a crucial leave-behind piece for the people they serve. Working with the team, we were able to create these materials with a consistent look and feel that not only communicated a caring, understanding and compassionate organization but a vital one as well.  During an especially difficult year, we were pleased to be able to help the Fox Cities Victim Crisis Response Team with the materials they needed to better communicate their mission and invaluable service to our communities.

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We are also seeking a 2021 partner.  If you are an organization in need of marketing communications support, please click here for more information and to apply.





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