Packaged FINDINGS: Safe Catch is quite a catch on shelf!

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It’s a new year and a great time to start looking at grocery store shelves with fresh eyes for new packaging that sets itself apart as a unique point of distinction.  Such was the packaging system on display for Safe Catch® Tuna and Salmon. In simplest terms, this system was created through the use of uniform prepackaged display boxes each presenting a flavor variety of the product.  Essentially, a ready-to-display shelf size unit containing tuna or salmon in a pouch.

Based on the design grid created for both the prepackaged tray and the product pouches, the company has achieved incredible consistency in presenting its brand to the consumer with a clean straightforward design – display trays feature the brand icon and the flavor of the product within each display. Nothing else to clutter or impede communication.  Product details are left to the individual pouches to finish specific product communication – the design grid format “finalizing” uniform messaging to flesh out product details for each flavor/style.

So often teams create prepackaged shelf-ready displays that look good until one or two packages are removed, then pouches fall into disarray and end up lying flat on their back within the tray.  End result – no one sees the brand/product specifics and consumers walk right by. With these units, the pouches and display are so well-tailored to each other that the pouches have less tendency to tumble but they also made the brilliant but simple inclusion of inserting discrete fluted fibreboard strips on the right and left interior sides of the displays; these deliver additional support in keeping pouches upright and forward-facing as individual pouches are removed. This is such a simple solution, it is sublime!

The individual pouches quickly and effectively present the brand icon and information, supported by simple detail illustrations of the primary content – type of fish, seasoning and flavoring.  The company also goes to extraordinary effort to communicate their unique sustainability and safety information for the discerning consumer this is important to.

The overarching design system is based on a white background with a uniform hierarchy of communication – the brand, product form, a visual image and net content. The design grid remains consistent across all codes, quickly training the consumer to immediately and consistently track through packaging for the appropriate visual cues. The photography is uncluttered, clean and precise, consistent with the balance of the design. Placed together as a series of product options, the white uncluttered package is more than impactful.

In my opinion, this design system points out that many people struggle with design simplicity and consistency. There is no conflict between varying packages sizes or product styles, and the clean design fosters excellent legibility.  The visual linkage between product forms presents images that are scaled or balanced consistently to retain the same visual balance and impact.

This packaging to me embodies one of the most consistent design system representations across branded materials that I have seen in a long time. It presents a brand that is comfortable enough with a visual design system that is something “other” than the competition – not afraid to embrace white space, to use minimal but superior visual elements and restrict copy to only that which is essential to the consumer.


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