Packaged FINDINGS: Vital Farms gets it eggs-actly right

Posted on Mar 16, 2021 by

Sometimes you need only look as far as your dairy case for something intriguing in packaging.  In an area of the store smothered in mass-produced, stamped fiberboard standard egg cartons or the occasional Styrofoam carton, you become so numb to product offerings you don’t think to look for an alternative, yet that is exactly what Vital Farms has delivered. It’s a uniquely engineered egg carton based on two components: the pressed fiber-molded base to hold the eggs and a modified “lid” to the package that allows for intriguing branding and most importantly storytelling.

The lid is made out of 100% recycled, biodegradable heavy kraft tag that allows for full-color printing on the inside and the outside with colorful, highly detailed printing on the carton. Where many consumers throw away the container once they get the eggs home, here is a carton that remains beautiful and utilitarian after purchase. What specifically drew me in was the package graphic design. It has an attractive, home-spun feel featuring the “heroes” of their product – the hens – in a graphically designed field of fresh flowers. Copy referencing Made with Fresh Air and Sunshine reinforces the messages of Happy Hens and Ethical Eggs.

Although Vital Farms does not purport their eggs to be organic, they offset that point by telling their story of the hens being raised by small farmers, running free in the pasture.  They augment the packaging story with a small Vital Times edition insert that speaks in detail about their collective farming experience, and being Certified Humane in raising and handling practices.

As consumers, we are looking for as much information as possible about the source, quality and production of the foods we eat. This team does a far superior job in presenting its overarching story within a new innovative packaging format. What I like is that this package makes me happy. I say well done Vital Farms. Keep the cartons coming!

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