Packaged FINDINGS: Skippy’s brand expansion spreads confidence

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As a product rises to dominance, it is usual to see product, line or brand extensions — the principal reason for which is to use a company’s established and recognized brand identity to bring new or more products to market. Right now, these extensions are very popular as companies innovate new products to expand product lines and their brand family. The Skippy packaging design is a great example of a well-executed expansion.

Peanut butter owns a relatively small shelf footprint because after all is said and done, what can be done to a standard jar of peanut butter? So, it is critical that when a brand decides to expand its product line, that it stands out in all its presentations. Skippy has expanded peanut butter to over five applications, yet package to package they consistently and clearly present the Skippy brand nomenclature to create an extremely strong brand image. They have employed clear product visuals so there can be no confusion as to the product form you are buying— and as a result, created a small but powerful category in a highly competitive section of the store.

What I like best is the consistent sizing of the Skippy brand. So often when teams are applying brand images to smaller packages, they just proportionally reduce the size of the brand elements to fit smaller areas. In this case, the designers have created a uniform, consistent “weight” of the brand visual. The uniform visual weight brings gravitas to the brand story – this is a Skippy quality product – need anyone say more? Yet the consistent use of visuals reinforces the Skippy brand message while creating excitement about a variety of product applications. It makes you want to look for the next unique product they are going to bring to the marketplace.

As consumers, we are looking for as much information as possible about the source, quality and production of the foods we eat. This team does a far superior job in presenting its overarching story to the consumer with new, innovative packaging formats wrapped up with strong brand consistency. And like other effective packaging, this product line makes me feel happy and confident I am using a quality product.


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