Packaged Findings: Crav’N Flavor package has everything consumers desire

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Just as you occasionally come across a package that breaks your heart because it falls short of its potential, you also come across a package that genuinely stands out as being true to its brand and to good if not great design. As I have previously mentioned, I recently abandoned my large megastore in order to shop at smaller stores, less reliant on marketing its private label or house brand goods. Yes, I am a brand diehard. I love comparing brands both as a consumer and as a package designer. So, I have been having fun checking out new products.

My latest discovery was a display featuring Crav’N Flavor graham crackers. I couldn’t pass this package up. It was designed as a traditional tumble package – think of a gymnast tumbling across the mat and ending up in a finished posture. This package could be tumbled side to side or top to bottom and end up presenting a face panel, consistently repeating graphic design elements. Every panel of this package had branding on it save the nutrition facts panel. And to set themselves apart they used a raw wood background, warming up the overall tone of the product.

The surface design was simple, direct and clean, containing enough information to be relevant, and enough information either suggested or direct to provide the product “story”.  It was also interesting to find an additional Crav’N Flavor package in the refrigerated case for a break ‘n bake chocolate chip cookie dough. It was a riff on the graham cracker package with the same logo lock up and flavoring cue with as much of a tumble pack format as possible within a refrigerated package. In this case, the background was on whiteboards as opposed to the natural format of the graham cracker package, echoing the same brand lock up and creating a strong brand linkage.

What is so effective about this package is its simple but not inadequate design. The package has everything the consumer desires to know, most of the story told without words – just, dare I say “tastefully” appropriate visuals.

One of the key principles of effective package design is to provide crystal clear communication of your brand and deliver key messages on your brand story. It is essential to remember that successful packaging is built on the premise of consistency in the presentation of packaging graphics communications. Additionally, the structural imperatives that influence effective brand presentation should be clearly understood as a creative mandate and be part of your creative brief. Congrats to Crav’N Flavor for incorporating these foundations to achieve a great package.


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