Packaged Findings: Popcornopolis brings summer to the shelf

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Summer is here and perhaps by choice or just coincidentally, there is an abundance of fun packaging showing up in-store tied to the season. One of the freshest promotions is the Popcornopolis packaging, showing off two packaging formats but linked together by incredible branding.

I first came across a large carnival cone-style package that was on display in the produce department. The display featured a variety of flavor offerings in a three-tier revolving presentation and was a physical reinforcement of packaging and brand colors. The result was packaging with a bold, clear and pleasant contrast to the fresh foods surrounding it. Being closely affiliated with the deli section of the store, it just added the subliminal reinforcement of fresh and better for you.

However, further on in the store the product was also being sold in the highly competitive popcorn snack segment but in a windowed plastic pouch, designed to feature the transparent circus pouch-style package as a part of branding. What was impressive about this packaging was the consistent application of branding regardless of package size or structural configuration. The Popcornopolis logo stood out front and center, tied into the flavoring or style oval. Additionally, the use of transparent windows – the basis of the cone style package – was carried through the pouch package where windowed segments exposed package content.


While this is simply done, it represents one of the best organized and reinforced brand applications I have seen in snack food packaging – especially when you consider the wide variety of physical structures the brand and package graphics have to be adapted to. The principal or face panel design is not cluttered with extraneous visuals, copy or iconography. This package provides immediate brand recognition no matter what part of the store it appears in or what kind of package it is on.

At the same time, the packaging reinforces with clarity and consistency the “fun” of having popcorn as a treat – whether at a movie, carnival or circus, or just watching TV. The back panels work consistently and effectively in providing product details in a clear, easy-to-read format. The copy is large and legible enough to allow anyone to read about product details; however, with the cone-shaped package, it would be nice to opt for a completely white back panel to provide as much space as possible for copy, and to enhance the legibility of type rather than trying to reverse small point size copy out of a solid dark color panel. It would also have a stronger tie back to the pouch “back panels”.

All in all, the Popcornopolis packaging is as fun as summer, a bright spot in the competitive retail store environment. It’s a well-conceived packaging structure with consistently well-applied branding across a product line. The packaging team has remained true to their brand standards, which are a defined set of rules and guidelines on using color, logos and type fonts, graphic elements, and photos that define product identity on shelf and in the consumers’ mindset – and make it easy to communicate the brand consistently regardless of package structure or graphic design. This sounds so easy in concept but in practical terms, difficult to achieve successfully.

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