Packaged FINDINGS: New packaging creates “souper” shelf impact

Posted on Mar 29, 2022 by

As the nation continues its slow return to retail normalcy, it is fun to see the myriad of new package designs on shelf. It is also interesting to see some of the new and innovative packaging that is sure to challenge existing packaging norms. Bring on Sierra Soups. Their standout line of prepackaged soup and pilaf mixes caught my view and immediately engaged me because of the unique use of “outside the box” packaging materials.

These mixes are packaged in see-through gusseted heavy-duty plastic pouches, designed to replicate expensive glass gasket lid jars and done so effectively I had to do a double-take. The gusseted bottoms give stability to the packages allowing them to stand in an upright position but most importantly provide a massive window into the interior content. There can be no confusion as to what each package contains. Additionally, a discreet label provides further disclosure about product specifics along with a strong brand identity.

No great shakes on the back panel design except for my usual criticism that the type becomes so small it is of minor use to the consumer. What does work is the continuation of the “jar” look to reinforce the 3D nature of a gasket lid jar.

I love this packaging because it is simple, elemental and clearly engages with the consumer making this a shelf-stable product in-store and at home, and yet it is a reusable as well as disposable package.

This is such a positive example of less is more being effective.  With package decorative elements being primarily the interior product mix, it engages with the consumer by being visually expressive with absolutely minimal use of artificial decorative embellishments that are so unnecessary and that often distract from the end goal.  And yet what is being expressed is sharp, clean and inviting.  I don’t know how much more you could ask for with effective packaging.


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