Packaged FINDINGS: Simple Truth spices up a bland category

Posted on Apr 28, 2022 by

It’s fun when you find a new design on shelf – especially when some product categories become so large, there seems to be an unlimited variety of styles. The spice/seasoning category is one that I feel is genuinely in crisis. The packaging is typically small, hard to read, and suffers from repetitive and confusing product titles. So, the introduction of Simple Truth Organic spice blends surprised me.

As per “usual” the alternative packaging and structure is what caught my eye and immediately intrigued me. Typically, products in this category come in small glass jars or paper packets but these were presented in “lidded cans”.

For starters, I loved that this canister package fits comfortably in your hand (most spice packaging is increasingly smaller). The package structure and size provides enough room for important copy and visual cues to communicate product information. It clearly identifies first as an organic product, followed by the herb mix style, and supported by the specific herb blend copy and graphic design icons.  The package presents not only a clean design but a clean copy story that works with the graphic design.

My only suggestion for improvement is directed to the back panel design. The moderately sized copy reads easier but it could use more color contrast to the material it is printed on for full impact.

All said, I love this packaging because it is simple, elemental and impactful enough to clearly engage with the consumer. The metallic package and vibrant color provide a canvas for a bright, visually engaging design yet clearly distinguishes flavor varieties.

This is a great example of effective risk-taking. With the package’s decorative elements being the primary communication for the product mix, it engages by being visually expressive with minimal use of artificial embellishments that often distract from the end goal. And yet what it expresses is sharp, clean and inviting.


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