Connecting During Current Times

It’s May, and most of us thought or at least hoped by now we would be back “at the office” and resuming our everyday activities but as we all know, the world has been subjected to a harsh and sobering new reality. We have seen priorities and behaviors change, and the anxiety that influences us all.

We have also seen how time and again, people have risen to the challenge to support their fellow human beings in so many kind and generous ways. We rely on this same spirit in response to the challenge of how we remain engaged with our communities and the world at large – and how we continue to engage in business. 

Throughout this time, our staff has been able to adapt almost instantly, continuing to deliver to our clients the same quality, service, and timely work without skipping a beat. We will continue to make whatever adaptations are necessary to meet this expectation while ensuring our employees are safe and protected. 

We may have to work differently but strengthened by 65 years of shared work experience, we confidently accept the ongoing challenge. Our doors remain virtually open, and as we have done before and throughout this situation, we will continue to provide and look forward to many more years of helping our clients meet their branding, packaging, and marketing goals.

Kris Sexton, President and CEO