Cast Your Vote! 2017 BXP Packaging Makeover Challenge

We recently had an opportunity to share our branding and packaging processes through an unconventional channel. We were one of three agencies nationally invited by BXP Magazine (previously Package Design) to participate in its annual Makeover Challenge. The challenge involved the package redesign of a CPG brand selected by the magazine.

The Challenge is unique in a couple of ways. It’s a competition but not spec work to get the business. It’s more of an academic exercise of how the three competing agencies use their processes to provide a refreshed brand and package design.

The turnaround was quick and we had no time to conduct formal research (nor did the client have existing research). We used a hybrid of our branding process and packaging process to get to what we believe is a well thought-out solution.

Our phased approach, simplified here, included:

  • Discovery – Included interviews with the client, bartenders, liquor retailers and online research, reading about the craft distillery business, client site visit, and audit of all their current packaging
  • Develop – A strategy to build the brand first followed by the bottle label design
  • Define – The key foundational attributes and archetype of the brand
  • Design – Interpret all of the above into graphic representations applied to the logo and bottle labels
  • Deliver – Present our final solutions to the client and BXP Magazine

It was a fun challenge to combine our experience, processes and collaborative approach and apply them to a project with public visibility.

VOTE for your favorite makeover. 

Voting runs until Sunday, October 1.